Artist of the Month

Project Details

Designer: Gary Bradley

At Galleria Stone and Tile, we believe tile and stone are works of art and can create an artistic statement in any home.
We are proud to announce that we will be featuring an up and coming artist each month, displaying their works of arts with some of our unique stone and tile creating excitement and inspiration for endless designs. 
This Months featured artist:
Gary Bradley is a native of Chicago and a professional artist who has exhibited at many locations including; Phyllis Kind Gallery, Illinois Artisans Shop in the State of Illinois Building, Chicago Fine Art, Ltd., and the Chicago Field Museum (Mural on Concrete "Tree of Life group project). Current work is being shown at the Andersonville Galleria, and Gallery 1070 in Edgewater. Gary’s latest works combine layers of resin with acrylic and enamel paints, and objects. Generally dreamlike and representing a subconscious flow, the art is colorful, modern and abstract; with landscapes and cityscapes a frequent baseline subject. “All true artists share one thing in common; we need to create - it is not a choice.”
If you are interested in any of Gary's artwork, a few of them can be seen in our Middletown location, or you can go online to and contact Gary directly.