Introducing Cathedral, destined to create stunning interior spaces where the vernacular meets the divine.Learn More ›
A new collection inspired by the markings typical of industrial textiles and the iridescence of metal alloys.Learn More ›
A timeless porcelain tile collection that starts with a precious surface.
Classic, with a modern play on light, materials and design, Lux has a luxurious surface achieved from complex production techniques exuding attention to detail and handicraft work.
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Pure sumptuous decoration that manifests itself through the overlapping of glazes gives depth to the surface of Kora.
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The eclectic spirit of our Vienna collection is inspired by art-deco, resulting in a refined and elegant octagon pattern embellished with metal moulding.Learn More ›
Stylish and contemporary, Curve is inspired by concrete, featuring neutral colored wall tiles and wave decos with coordinating, patterned floor tiles.Learn More ›
Quemere Designs
The possibilities are endless. Hand Carved. Hand Crafted. Hand Painted. Luxury Ceramic Tile.
Discover the meaning of craftsmanship. Visit Quemere Designs to view the collection.

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Quemere Designs
Quemere Designs handmade tile began production in 1987. Originating from old world hand carving technique and design, our products cater to the requirements of the exclusive client. Discover the meaning of craftsmanship. Visit Quemere Designs to view the collection.Learn More ›
Reminiscent of nature and stone, the Soap Stone porcelain tile collection is graphically modern with a metamorphic soul.Learn More ›
Packed with personality, Wharf’s sophisticated shades and chiseled surfaces emphasize texture with a contemporary appeal.Learn More ›


 Since 1988, we have been working together with homeowners, architects, and designers to bring ideas to life. Our purpose is one filled with innovation and excitement. We aim to inspire our customers through the latest trends in style and products matched with excellent support services. With over three hundred stone slabs and thousands of tile options, no project is too big or too small.  

Experience, knowledge and loyalty.  That's the difference we make every day.

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