Destined to turn design dreams into reality, the new Aspire porcelain collection is everything you’ve hoped for in an interpretation of slate. Dream Big ›
Life is a highway. And if part of your journey calls for uninhibited style, then take a detour at Boulevard.Detour ›
Subway Lab
Introducing Subway Lab by WOW. Inspiration comes alive in this three-dimensional wall series, where light and depth collide to create motion. Discover 3D ›
Black and White
Smoky charcoal subway tile creates a bold stripe that divides the cotton white cabinetry in this modern kitchen.Get Inspired ›
Sea Pearl
A stone once stowed away in the jewelry box of a mermaid … now discovered and ready to bring inspired oceanic beauty to land.Dive in! ›

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At Galleria Stone and Tile, we believe that your living space should reflect you. The design elements used in your home should make you feel at home. Remodeling a room isn’t just about picking tile for a backsplash or attempting to coordinate paint colors... it’s about incorporating glimmers of who you are into the space. Our philosophy is simple: the selection process is just as important as the project. Learn more ›