Granite has been used throughout the centuries as a building material. Formed by volcanic activity, granite is considered an igneous stone and offers a high level of strength and durability. The various minerals in granite determine its color. From creams to charcoal greys, the variety of hues (along with its high performance) makes this natural stone a phenomenal choice for kitchen countertops.

Granite Alaska White Slabs Alaska White ›Granite Andromeda White Slabs Andromeda White ›Granite Angola Blue Slabs Angola Blue ›Granite Antique Persa Slabs Antique Persa ›Granite Antique White Slabs Antique White ›Granite Azul Aran Slabs Azul Aran ›Granite Azul Aran New Polished Slabs Azul Aran New Polished ›Granite Azul Bahia Slabs Azul Bahia ›Granite Azul Platino Slabs Azul Platino ›Granite Azzurrite Slabs Azzurrite ›Granite Baltic Brown Slabs Baltic Brown ›Granite Belvedere Leather Slabs Belvedere Leather ›Granite Black Bird Slabs Black Bird ›Granite Black Cosmic Slabs Black Cosmic ›Granite Black Forest Slabs Black Forest ›Granite Black Galaxy Slabs Black Galaxy ›Granite Black Lumiere Slabs Black Lumiere ›Granite Black Pearl Slabs Black Pearl ›Granite Blue Cloud Slabs Blue Cloud ›Granite Blue Cosmos Slabs Blue Cosmos ›Granite Blue Pearl TFV Slabs Blue Pearl TFV ›Granite Brown Antique  Slabs Brown Antique  ›Granite Brown Pearl Slabs Brown Pearl ›Granite Charcoal Mist Slabs Charcoal Mist ›Granite Chianti Dorato Slabs Chianti Dorato ›Granite Colonial Gold Slabs Colonial Gold ›Granite Colonial White Slabs Colonial White ›Granite Copenhagen Slabs Copenhagen ›Granite Costa Smeralda Slabs Costa Smeralda ›Granite Crema Bordeaux Slabs Crema Bordeaux ›Granite Crema Dulce Slabs Crema Dulce ›Granite Cream Gold  Slabs Cream Gold  ›Granite Delicatus Extra Slabs Delicatus Extra ›Granite Desert Storm Slabs Desert Storm ›Granite Fantastic White Slabs Fantastic White ›Granite Giallo Fiorito Slabs Giallo Fiorito ›Granite Giallo Ornamental Slabs Giallo Ornamental ›Granite Giallo Veneziano Slabs Giallo Veneziano ›Granite Golden Beach Slabs Golden Beach ›Granite Golden Bordeaux Slabs Golden Bordeaux ›Granite Golden Jade Slabs Golden Jade ›Granite Golden Lightening Slabs Golden Lightening ›Granite Golden Persa Slabs Golden Persa ›Granite Golden Riviera Slabs Golden Riviera ›Granite Golden Typhoon/Typhoon Bordeaux Slabs Golden Typhoon/Typhoon Bordeaux ›Granite Golden Vyara Slabs Golden Vyara ›Granite Ivory Chiffon Slabs Ivory Chiffon ›Granite Ivory Fantasy Slabs Ivory Fantasy ›Granite Jet Mist Slabs Jet Mist ›Granite Juperana Classico Slabs Juperana Classico ›Granite Kosmus/Asterix Slabs Kosmus/Asterix ›Granite Labrador Antico Slabs Labrador Antico ›Granite Lapidus Slabs Lapidus ›Granite Lucky White Slabs Lucky White ›Granite Luna Pearl Slabs Luna Pearl ›Granite Mari Blue Slabs Mari Blue ›Granite Millenium Cream Slabs Millenium Cream ›Granite Misty Black Slabs Misty Black ›Granite Nettuno Bordeaux Slabs Nettuno Bordeaux ›Granite Nilo River Slabs Nilo River ›Granite Ocean Red Slabs Ocean Red ›Granite Olive Green Slabs Olive Green ›Granite Orion Slabs Orion ›Granite Persa Avorio Slabs Persa Avorio ›Granite Red Malibu Slabs Red Malibu ›Granite River White Slabs River White ›Granite Rosa Beta Slabs Rosa Beta ›Granite Santa Cecilia Light Slabs Santa Cecilia Light ›Granite Santa Sicilia Slabs Santa Sicilia ›Granite Siena Crème Slabs Siena Crème ›Granite Sodalite Blue Slabs Sodalite Blue ›Granite Steel Grey Slabs Steel Grey ›Granite Stormy Night Slabs Stormy Night ›Granite Taupe Slabs Taupe ›Granite Titanium Slabs Titanium ›Granite Torrincino White Slabs Torrincino White ›Granite Typhoon Verde Slabs Typhoon Verde ›Granite Ubatuba Butterfly Slabs Ubatuba Butterfly ›Granite Venetian Gold Slabs Venetian Gold ›Granite Verde Borgogna Slabs Verde Borgogna ›Granite Verde Jaco Slabs Verde Jaco ›Granite Verde Marina Slabs Verde Marina ›Granite Verde San Francisco Slabs Verde San Francisco ›Granite Verde Ubatuba Slabs Verde Ubatuba ›Granite Verniz Tropical Slabs Verniz Tropical ›Granite White Ice Slabs White Ice ›Granite White Spring Slabs White Spring ›